Executive MBA

Objectifs, programme, validation de la formation


The goal of our Executive MBA is to educate senior managers who can confidently use their leadership style to lead a diverse team and achieve consistently strong performance in a sustainable manner. They will learn how to operate in an increasingly international, multicultural environment and how to foster innovation and new technologies. It implies that managers : understand the functioning and interrelations of all business units within a company, analyse competently their economic, social and natural environment and evaluate its impact on the company, are able to predict how their decisions impact on each business unit, the company’s stakeholders and the natural environment, have the competence to find, critically evaluate and implement innovative solutions and strategies, lead and collaborate with culturally diverse teams efficiently and develop sustainable business strategies which address economic, social and environmental challenges resulting rom globalization.

Description, programmation

18 months courses organised in 1 session per month (thursday through saturday) + several week-long sessions :

  • Discovery camp
  • Changing global environnement Economics and Geopolitics International business law Managing sustainability Study Tour abroad
  • Corporate strategies for long term performance Strategic Analysis Marketing Management Marketing Strategy Creativity, Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Financial and operations management Financial statement analysis Management accounting and control Operations management International finance
  • Leading high-performing organization Leadership Human resource management Cross-cultural management and negotiation Managing change
  • Developing and implementing a business strategy Strategy management Management’s corner
  • Elective’s track Choose one of the 3 courses : MANAGEMENT OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES Marketing new technologies Strategic management of new technologies THE PROACTIVE FIRM Business and society Creating ecological value ADVANCED FINANCE Advanced corporate finance Advanced portfolio management
  • Individual project

Validation et sanction

Executive MBA (RNCP : Manager d’unité opérationnelle)

Type de formation


Niveau de sortie niveau I (supérieur à la maîtrise)

Métiers visés

M1301 : Direction de grande entreprise ou d'établissement public

M1302 : Direction de petite ou moyenne entreprise

M1402 : Conseil en organisation et management d'entreprise

Durée, rythme, financement

Durée 520 heures en centre
Durée indicative : 520 heure(s)

Modalités de l'alternance -

Conventionnement Non

Conditions d'accès

Niveau d'entrée information non communiquée

Conditions spécifiques et prérequis Bon niveau en anglais


Contact renseignement Monsieur Chloé MICHEL

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Code CPF 248531 - Validité du 02/01/2019 au 31/12/2115

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Session débutant le : 00/00/0000

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2 rue Robert d'Arbrissel 35065 Rennes

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